Gaining the trust of foreign consumers!

Exports to ten different countries for Pelion olive oil.

The “Pelion Olive Oil” of the Voliotis family secured an important position in foreign markets for the fifth consecutive year, as it managed to export its products to at least ten different countries.

The types of olive oil produced by our company, with the help of its state-of-the-art equipment, such as extra virgin olive oil, organic olive oil and olive oil, have won the trust and interest of foreign consumers, traders, restaurants and delicatessens. , promoting this Pelion product throughout Europe.

The consecutive awards received by “Pelion Olive Oil” in various Greek and international competitions, including last year’s great achievement in obtaining two gold stars in the international competition Fine Taste and Quality, are the greatest proof of the quality of the olive oil produced, which for its excellent aroma, its rich medicinal properties and its fruity, golden-green color.

But for the Voliotis family, who over the years tries to acquire the know-how for the best possible promotion of the fruits of the land of Pelion, the look of satisfaction on the faces of consumers as they try the “Pelion Olive Oil” is what comes as greater reward for their efforts and dedication.

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