Awarded Olive Oil Products

Emphasizing in perfect organization and showing respect to the producer and the consumer, Pelion Olive Oil started its operation at the village of Agios Vlasios of Pelion in 1969. Continuing the tradition and with over 70 years of experience in the production of olive oil, Voliotis family has received many awards and important distinctions.


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Aromatic Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pure, natural olive oil produced between November and December, enriched withlemon, oregano and black garlic extracts. They are characterised by their content, their intense fruity taste and their nutritional value.

Οlive mill-Open to public

The olive oil that is produced here is unfiltered, with excellent quality and in high nutritional value. It is produced with modern mechanical equipment with the process of cold pressing, without the addition of water, in order to remain unchanged in its nutritional elements.

ano lechonia, volos

It’s our pleasure to guide you to the wonderful world of the olive oil production, one of the most precious goods, the ancient Greek goddess Athena gave as a gift to the ancient Greeks.

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