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Take a tour of our olive mill

The olive mill of the Voliotis family in Ano Lechonia, just fifteen minutes from Volos, also functions as a visitable-exhibition space. Every day from morning to night, everyone is offered the opportunity of a guided tour of our facilities that will be unforgettable.

Schools, students, associations, organizations, tourist offices and anyone interested, can visit our hospitable places by appointment and be introduced to the secrets of agricultural creation, to meet and see how the award-winning “Pelion Olive Oil” is produced.

The tour, a journey through time

Visiting our state-of-the-art facilities is a journey through time.

The people of our olive mill with their experience and knowledge will introduce you to the whole process of olive oil production, from the moment the famous olives of Pelion are collected until the product is standardized on the packaging.

The ''pressing'' of the olive

In our mill, tradition meets technology, the past is sculpted with the future.

During your tour you will learn about the Pelion olive tree that is known all over the world, you will be informed about the ways of production of our varieties in olive oil that we have, such as extra virgin olive oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, green olive oil, aromatic extra virgin, you will see the infrastructure and the tanks that are used and you will taste the well-known “press” of the olive.

You will also know the value of each machine in the stages of processing and standardization of olive oil and you will tour the storage areas.

During the olive growing season, from October to January you can see all the stages of olive oil export, of course following all the health protocols.

Our family business offers you a unique experience of agritourism.

Elaiolado Piliou - Voliotis Family

The experience of tasting

The next stage of the tour includes tasting. You can enjoy items that include as their main ingredient our wonderful, full of aroma and color, olive oil and get to know even better its beneficial properties.

Through local flavors you will feel the value of Pelion Olive Oil, rich in polyphenols and other antioxidant properties that protect our body.

You ask, we answer

Talking to people who experience the operation of the mill every day and for years, will offer you valuable knowledge. Having already known our places you can ask them any question you want, answer any questions and learn even more about the production process, the varieties of our olive oil, the methods we use for one of the most essential elements of our diet that is olive oil.

You will definitely become wiser and you will know how to choose the good, nutritious and quality olive oil.

The exhibition space

The beautiful tour is completed in our exhibition space, where you can see the varieties of “Pelion Olive Oil” in elegant packages of various sizes and receive information leaflets that will remind you of the pleasant moments you experienced in our olive mill.


Enjoy a special day!
Take a tour of the olive mill of the Voliotis family in Ano Lechonia, Pelion, Magnesia.

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