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At the facilities of the Voliotis family in Ano Lechonia, there is a modern packaging plant-standard with all the required equipment and certifications. We can serve you in the standardization of olive oil and in the creation of beautiful, elegant special packages with the labels and lids that you choose. We exchange views and ideas with you and offer you a complete product to use it as you wish. Our many years of experience in the production, standardization and marketing of olive oil, is the best guarantee for your success and the satisfaction of your customers.

1. Are you a producer, do you have areas with olive trees and you want your olive oil to be packaged?

We offer you the solution. You bring us the quantity with the olive oil that you have collected, and we undertake its packaging and standardization either in bottles or in cans in the size that you suggest to us. At the same time we undertake to place the labels and the lids and to receive a product that will have been standardized and will have the certification. It will be a unique product that will highlight your love and passion.
Elaiolado Piliou - Olive Oil Mill

2. Are you a professional in the field of catering and more broadly in any other industry and you want to have your own name in the olive oil that you offer to your customers?

You have the opportunity to come to our facilities and indicate the quantities of olive oil of the Voliotis family that you want to use. Our family business offers you a variety of options in the high quality olive oil we have.

These quantities will be packaged and standardized in bottles and then we will put the label with your name. This way you will have your own olive oil that you will offer to your customers, an olive oil that is fragrant, nutritious and with an attractive color that will pique the eyes of your customers. An olive oil that will have the signature of the award-winning Voliotis family business.

3. Do you love olive oil as much as we do and you want to be active in trade?

We offer you the opportunity to get a complete product that will make your dreams come true. You will choose which variety of olive oil of our company, you want to be standardized, and in a which size to be the packaging, and we will take care of all the rest, ie packaging design, labels, lids… We also have partners who can guide you in choosing the varieties you want to market. We are next to the efforts and we offer you our knowledge in the marketing of the most famous Greek product produced internationally which is olive oil.

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